All together, the participating companies of Steelport Maastricht process more than 2 million tons of steel a year and provide more than a thousand jobs.

The goal and ambition of Steelport Maastricht is strengthening their market position and increasing their visibility. Not only in the city but on a (eu)regional and even international level. The initiative is supported by the municipality of Maastricht, the province of Limburg, Limburg Economic Development and ELC Limburg.

The industrial
heart of Europe

Steel is not their only common denominator, as Maastricht is -literally- their common ground.

Steelport Maastricht is well connected to the ports of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Vlissingen as well as Antwerpen. The market area stretches all the way to the Northern part of Germany, the German Ruhr area and Northern France.

Steelport Maastricht is a one of a kind area in Europe. There is no place in Europe that offers such a complete package of services on a compact terrain as these companies.


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Complete and advanced services of steel. Right at the gate of Europe.

Working in the steel industry

Learn everything about on ‘the how and what’ of the Steel sector.


Find a vacancy at one of the eight of Steelport Maastricht’s companies.

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