Laura Staalcenter Maastricht

Laura Staalcenter Maastricht

Laura Staalcenter Maastricht:
’De standaard van morgen’

Laura Staalcenter Maastricht is already well known in Europe. But their ambition reaches way further. Their core business is processing coils into plates. Accurately, with a particularly clean surface, an optimal flatness en free from residual stress. They’re aiming to set a new standard in capability, quality and service. A long term necessity to be able to live up to the wishes of customers in the future.

The company is working hard on this ambition. Lighter and stronger constructions are a trend. An opening in the market for stronger steel with a higher wear resistance: high strength steel (HSS). In comparison to regular steel, HSS can be up to four or five times stronger. In the transport sector, among others, the use of it provides a lot of benefits. By using HSS, cars, trailers and containers can be made lighter. This benefits the lifespan and the use of energy. Laura Staalcenter Maastricht stepped into the world of HSS. Now, the company differentiates itself by manufacturing steel plates with this high quality steel. By the time HSS finds its way to the sector, Laura Staalcenter Maastricht will be there to take its chances.

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Building expertise in its own testing laboratory.

Friso de Vries|

Managing Director Laura Staalcenter Maastricht

Laura Staalcenter Maastricht is constantly seeking for innovation. The only pickling line for steel plates in Europe is therefore located at their factory. Another example of innovation is the construction of its own testing laboratory for steel.

Director Friso de Vries’ roll is to find a vision for the future together with all disciplines within the company. Getting to the point where the steel industry can’t get around Laura Steelcenter Maastricht, requires some work: Investing in several business units (among which R&D), in the application of new technologies and in more advanced digitization. The full automatic coil warehouse already went through these improvements. The service level also benefits from the automatization. Some customers place their orders directly at Laura Staalcenter Maastricht through an IT-link. The objective is that this happens more and more.

Everything has to be perfect

Wanting to set ‘a new standard’ has far-reaching consequences. Logical, according to De Vries: “If you want to become the standard, everything has to be perfect.” Apart from the most modern and best service and quality, the staff members’ mindset also has to match the ambition. Compliance with environmental standards, sustainability and ‘doing good for your surroundings’ too. The customer’s expectation level is high and only increases.

At Laura Staalcenter Maastricht sustainability means generating up 35 percent of their own energy needs. Now, the company already generates 15 percent of these needs using solar panels.

De Vries also wants to incorporate sustainability in the personnel policy. One of the ways of doing this is preventing the loss of staff. A pleasant working environment can already make a difference. An experiment to improve a production line in that sense is about to start soon. “If our people feel better, we’ll also get a better output.”

Ease of doing business

The future employees at Laura Staalcenter Maastricht should be customer oriented and venturous people. Collaborators. They will end up in a company that considers the input of every staff member important. De Vries praises the flat organizational structure which makes fast decision making possible.

“Our customers want to be in charge like it’s their own company”, De Vries concludes. “So our task is an optimal ease of doing business. Quite a challenge.”

Laura Metaal sets a new standard in all new activities

In addition to Laura Metaal Staalcenter in Maastricht, the Laura Metaal Holding has three other divisions. Based in Eygelshoven, these are the divisions Fabrications (composite products) Sheet Pile and Road Safety (temporary and permanent roadside protection).

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