Steel Solutions

Steel Solutions:
Always in the ’fast lane’

Working fast and smart. That’s what it’s all about at Steel Solutions, a logistical chain director.

They advise, organize and control the entire process: from transport to customs, fiscal representation, warehousing, value added services and intricate distribution. Complete tailor-made solutions connect the range of European and non-European steel suppliers with processors, service centers, stockholding companies and finally the users in Europe. A job Steel Solutions carries out perfectly.

Owner Wibo Feijen wants more. He sees a future in e-fulfilment; in becoming the of steel. As quickly as possible.

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You have to change to stay the same

Wibo Feijen|

Eigenaar Steel Solutions

Feijen loves living ‘in the fast lane’. He has high ambitions and is always on the lookout for chances. In 2012 he became Steel Solutions’ owner. With a 50-people staff Steel Solutions provides logistics from steel products to consumers worldwide from Maastricht. Just-in-Time and Just-in-Sequence. Because consumers, like car manufacturers, prefer small stocks with products coming in in the desired order and quantities. That’s why Steel Solutions owns warehouses in Maastricht and Born. It won’t be too long until Feijen will open a distribution centre in Milan, the new headquarters of the South-European market. The West-European market will be served from Maastricht.

Being unique and different  

Feijen is proud of the constant growth of the company in the past few years. But the railway connection is also a good reason to be proud. It connects Steelport Maastricht directly to the European railway network. For the company this enables them to make a huge step forward. It makes Steel Solutions’ transport possibilities trimodal. This way steel can be transported by road, water or rail. “A train can carry forty times the load of a truck. In addition, unloading one train doesn’t take nearly as long as unloading forty trucks. Right now six trains take a halt at the company every week, this number will grow to eight in the near future.

Feijen can’t sit still, that’s for sure. He’s already working on a new project: an online steel platform. Not one for sales, but an e-fulfilment platform. It should be up and running five years from now. The built has already started and IT specialists are working on it. A natural and logical next step for Steel Solutions according to the entrepreneur. “Our service isn’t that different from Amazon’s. The only thing we’re lacking is the online platform”, Feijen concludes. “Who says internet giants like Alibaba or Amazon won’t sell steel someday? When that time comes, we’ll be the perfect match as a prominent logistical e-fulfilment partner.”

Wolves work together and are clever, so are we

Nowadays the founder of Steel Solutions works as an business developer for his own company. Management is responsible for establishing contact between him and the organisation itself. They opened a Customer Support department, it’s staff members are called success managers. They are the customer’s contact and there to create a successful experience out of every order, for every client.  

Feijen loves working with stubborn and innovative people. People who think differently. “We challenge our staff to think and act differently, we value that.” There’s an informal atmosphere at Steel Solutions. Feijen chose the wolf as a symbol and metaphor. “We’re like a wolfpack at Steel Solutions. We work together like wolves. And it’s smart, so are we.”   

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Steel Solutions

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