Working on innovation

Knowledge sharing and innovation are two key points of Steelport Maastricht. Feyen Service Center, Laura Metaal, Maasstaal, Multisteel Service Centre, Steel Solutions, Tata Steel, Vogten Staal and Zuid-Nederlandse Buizen bv. serve clients in a 500 kilometer
range around Maastricht. Within the industry there is a need for thicker plates, higher yield points and high-strength steel. The stronger the steel, the less is needed for a specific construction. This will decrease the weight of the construction.
For example, a lighter truck uses less fuel which contributes to lower CO2 emissions. In addition, lighter trucks can carry heavier loads which leads to less rides.

Knowledge partner and co-creator

The companies in Steelport Maastricht consider it important to keep on innovating and walking the extra mile comes naturally. Contributing to the world around us, by investing in it.

Zuid Nederlandse
Buizen BV

ZNB and the power
of supplies.


Tata Steel Tubes distinguishes itself by mastering craftsmanship.

TATA STEEL Feijen Service

Heavy-duty steel, for heavy duty applications.

Multisteel Service Centre

Manpower is what makes the difference at MultiSteel.


Maasstaal: The best steel, the best service.

Laura Metaal

Perfection is what counts at Laura Staalcenter Maastricht.

Steel Solutions
Global Distribution

Steel Solutions want to be the Amazon of steel.


People determine the level of success at Vogten Staal.

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