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ZNB: a family knowledge company

At Zuid Nederlandse Buizen – ZNB – knowledge, reliability, involvement and stock are key principles. Ever since the founding of this family company, 20 years ago, these principles are in place.

Installation companies throughout the Benelux know their way to this specialist in installation technics. ZNB has gained a dominant position on the market in this sector.
Clients have known this wholesaler as a trustworthy partner. Installers of climate- and sprinkler installations will find all they need at this company when it comes to steel.

Throughout the latest economic crisis ZNB stuck to its core values. Due to the fact that they held on to a large stock of goods and 24-hours deliveries the company experiences an enormous growth during this period. “We set our own course and are only accountable to our clients and ourselves,” explaines Mona Kunkels, managing director-owner of ZNB. “ Taking care of having the right materials on stock and getting it to your clients on time, seems easy. But still this is a real challenge.”

A tour through the stockrooms, with a total surface of more than 10.000 square meters, shows that the word “wholesale” applies in this case. Many kilometers of pipes are stored here and are decently arranged by kind and treatment, like meniumed, galvanised and powder coated. There is also an impressive assortment of fittings and appendages. Thousands of groove-, weld-, thread- and pressfittings are stored neatly. The gammat exists of about 9.500 articles, all by A-class suppliers.

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Our clients are our partners

Mona Kunkels|


Medium size and largs installation companies, dealers and genuine specialists in utility construction work closely together with ZNB. Distribution centers, office buildings, hospitals and factories are being realized with materials from the wholesale company. As well as underground gas pipes from the gas net operators in the Netherlands. Mona Kunkels has the following explanation for the success: “ We like to share our professional knowledge and support our clients to a maximum. Making projects to a success, together, that is our objective.”


The wholesaler invests in partnership with his clients more than any other company. Deliveries are done by company drivers, within 24 hours, all neatly assorted. Delivery at the construction site is also possible, which is highly appreciated by those who are responsible for the implementation. The trucks meet the latest standards of environmental requirements. They all have loading and unloading cranes. Another way in which ZNB distinguishes themselves.

The power of our family business also lies in flexibility

If by any chance something is not on stock, the company immediately consults the charterer. Because ZNB has the required knowledge, we are always able to provide a suitable alternative, so the work can continue. In case a product in not in our gamma, ZNB will do everything within its power to please the customer. “ Being flexible and quick response, that is also the strength of our family business.”

Controlled growth

In the upcoming years ZNB plans on continuing to grow in a manageable and controlled way. “ Our workforce is expanded to a total of 50 employees during the past years. In the current market there is still room for growth, but we are also looking into expanding in sectors like Infrastructure, Industry and Maritime.” A growth spurt is not what the company envisions. “ Expanding is nice, but may never happen at the expense of our bases.”  

Who ever wants to work here, needs to have the right DNA

Despite the ZNB being automated, the stockroom has a traditional set up. No barcodes or location numbers. The company requires and expects the warehouse employees to know what is being sold and what orders they need to pick. Holiday forces aren’t part of the workforce. Instead, they only employ permanent staff members with good material knowledge. “That’s only possible because of our low staff turnover. We ask a lot from them, but they also get a lot in return. Our door is always open to anyone.”

ZNB doesn’t believe in a cubicle culture. There are no account managers at ZNB, but a sales team of sales reps who take their time for every customer. “Our products don’t need article numbers, just ask anyone of our staff what you need and they know exactly what it is you’re looking for.” The sales staff are entrepreneurs within the entrepreneurship. They’re in charge of their own work and have mandate to make decisions concerning the company. There’s room for error of course. The team discusses possible mistakes internally to prevent recurrence. After all, it’s okay to make mistakes. One thing is for sure: clients will never notice a thing.


The people define the company, according to ZNB. Everyone has to be on a par. Especially in a family business. Work hard and co-operate, without a nine-to-five mindset. Working in wholesale isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. “We ask a lot from our staff, but also give back.”

ZNB has its own DNA and values. “It’s all about people. We provide support so they can do their jobs as well and efficiently as possible. And we have a lot of fun during the process.”

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