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as ‘a way of life’

MultiSteel stands for quality. The company produces steel strip and plates in a varied package of possibilities and sorts of steel that meet the highest quality standards. “It comes naturally, it’s a way of life,’’ according to Site Manager Sjoert Mulder.

MultiSteel processes large coils into a semi-finished product with which clients produce and end product using their own machines. Like body parts for cars or industrial garage doors. MultiSteel produces according to placed orders and, in some cases, keeps a number of products in stock. Thin steel strip, in Dutch known as slitband, is produced in standard measurements and according to the clients specifications. The smallest possible plate is 300mm by 300mm. The largest possible is 1850mm by 6000mm. The company has three production lines.

Staff members know their way around with the huge variety in steel. Especially automotive related, differentiated and organic coated steel is what we excel in, according to Mulder. Organic coated steel is lacquered or coated steel, available in a lot of colours and processed in Maastricht.

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Bringing your company to a higher level

Sjoert Mulder|

Site Manager MultiSteel

One of the largest business partners is the automotive branche. A demanding sector with high quality standards. Every company working with this sector, has to comply to these standards. To be able to perform at this level MultiSteel has the IATF 16949:2015 quality standard.

We want to be every client’s preferred supplier.

Eleven years ago MultiSteel earned the certificate for the first time. Ever since they passed every test with flying colors. Site Manager Mulder is proud they keep living up to the increased quality standards. “Conducting the IATF 16949 quality standard is inextricably linked to a certain discipline of your organization, your processes and systems. It’s how you raise your company to a higher level.” Of course not only the automotive industry can count on their high quality products and services.. “We always aim for the highest quality. We want to be every client’s preferred supplier.”

Manpower makes the difference 

“Our employees make the difference”, says proud Mulder. “It’s not all about machines, we need people. We need their knowledge, craftsmanship and work ethic. They don’t just work together but work for each other as well, it’s a strong team with the IATF 16949-standards ingrained in their DNA.”

Mulder praises the solidarity in his team. “It’s almost like a family business. Even though we’re one of the largest steel groups in Europe, we’re a tight knit organisation. And you won’t ever get bored working here.”

About MultiSteel

The official name is Tata Steel Distribution Light Gauge Germany/Benelux – Site Maastricht. But it’s better known by the name MultiSteel. It’s a part of Tata Steel Europe, one of the largest steel groups in Europe. MultiSteel has two sister companies, right across the German border (Neuss and Gelsenkirchen). Together they are Tata Steel Distribution Light Gauge Germany/Benelux..

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Tata Steel Multisteel Service Centre

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